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Downloads tab missing?

Downloads tab missing?

I suddenly find myself unable to access the ‘downloads’ tab on IOS. This is inconvenient because instead of being able to find all my downloaded music in one place, I now have to sort through the entirety of my album collection. Is there any way to fix this issue? Is this an intentional change?

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I too had this problem. I was a big fan of having the download completely separated from the rest of the music. See below steps to just sort by music you have downloaded. 


  1. Navigate to "Your Library"
  2. Select Playlists 
  3. Scroll down until you can see the filter menu and hamburger menu (not visible by default) [See Playlists screenshot]
  4. Select the hamburger menu, notice the filter for downloads is not ticked. make sure this is ticked. [See Filter screenshot]
  5. Navigate back to your Playlists and notice all your music has been filtered by downloads ONLY


Post-script: This is also applicable for Albums, Songs and Artists. 


Playlists (unfiltered)Playlists (unfiltered)


Playlists (filtered)Playlists (filtered)

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