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Edit Daily Mix or delete please help!

Edit Daily Mix or delete please help!

Unfortunately I shared access to my account and now I have a daily mix playlist at the top of my own playlist with music I really dislike.
I can't see any way to edit, and even after using and liking completely different music for a while it doesn't change. Please help edit or delete daily mix.

This is for iphone app.

Thank you for any help.
16 Replies

I too have this problem. It is very frustrating and sometimes makes me think of unsubscribing.

Same here. It's more like a list of all songs I hate and I want it gone. I can't find anything anywhere on how to do it

Same, except I'm on the desktop app.

Same but Android.

same here

used my account at a family gathering and kids had a blast with it, but now thier music is all over my daily mix it's a mess



#Spotify Support, please, create some easy way to delete inconvenient Daily Mixes.

Need to delete from my daughter's profile in Family account.

My Daily Mixes consist of every song that I have given a 'thumbs down' rating. To say I hate them all is an understatement.

spotify needs to create an option to delete them.

I wonder if spotify reads these comments. I am also frustrated and considering dropping our two premium memberships and moving to Pandora since it does allow you to remove songs.

Same issue here.


I would love to have an option to clean up unvanted Daily Mix playlists.

I am completely sick of starting Spotify from my Echo device and the Mix 1 is full of RAP music, Fu&K, N&gger and all other kinds of vulgar things I have never listened to EVER!  When I start Spotify and there are kids or others that are completely offended by this **bleep**, It's discusting.  Fix it now or my premium membership is GONE!!!!


I am having this same problem. There is only one daily mix I enjoy and I absolutely hate the other 5. It's a great feature, I love the one station, but it would be great to have more.

Spotify, please fix this. I see this has been requested since many years, and you still didn't do anything about it. Is it really wise to ignore issues which many of your customers are passionate about?

hi! how can i delete my compleytly wrong daly mix from my account? unsubscribed  and subscribed again? and why that if i didnt ask it...i hate closed plataformes...they think they know how we work...

Got my account compromised, but that is now fixed. But the one taking my account had the worst music taste ever. That is now showing up in the Daily mixes. And nowhere to take that **bleep** away. Took me days just to clear recently played.

Same here.  Some mixes are of music that I liked once but no longer and would really like to see them changed/gone.  Apparently stuck with them staring at me each time Iaunch the app.  Anyone found any solutions!?

Same! I have this problem too. I hate my daily mixes! I listened 7 song of pop, and now it's (Daily mix 1) Lol..

I listen Hip Hop more..

#Spotify pls help us!

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