Equalizer bug on Spotify Premium on iOS 9.1

Equalizer bug on Spotify Premium on iOS 9.1


The Equalizer does not work properly in Spotify version Premium (I am using iPhone 6s iOS 9.1)


If you change the equalizer settings, either to a user definded or one of the equalizer templetes, and then turn equalizer off, It makes no difference, even though it shows the changes in the top graphical view. 


The [Flat] template dosen't work either, the only way to reset Equalizer back to normal is to choose template [Flat], and quit the Spotify app, and start it again, before it uses the "default" settings. 


This is most annoying, as I use more than one headset, and want to be able to change the equalizer settings whithout having to quit and start the app again, for the changes to take effekt. 





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