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Equalizer does not respond in iOS app

Equalizer does not respond in iOS app



I am a premium subscriber. 


I have an iPhone 8, current iOS. The EQ in Spotify does nothing. First, it was stuck in what I think was “bass” mode. Choosing any of the other settings did nothing. 


Nor could I turn off the EQ. 


I looked at my iPhone EQ, which is off. Turning it on did jothing in Spotify. Choosing a setting in my iPhone’s EQ did nothing. 


Soft restart of my phone did nothing. 


Hard reset of my phone did nothing. 


Uninstalling and reinstalling Spotify not only did nothing, now the EQ is frozen in the off position. 


Manipulating my phone’s EQ again also did nothing. 


Another restart did nothing. 


How do I get the Spotify EQ to work correctly?


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