PLAYLIST not available on ios

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PLAYLIST not available on ios

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(iPhone 8, 

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(iOS 10,)


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 I created some personal playlist on my mac. They have many songs (more than 50 in each). When I look at them on the iphone, it says that I have the correct number of songs on the first screen. But then  on the 2nd screnn on the iphone, only 2 to 5 titles are available per playlist are available. All others are "grey" or don't even show up. I tried to restart the app, to disconnect and reconnect. On the mac, every songs are "white" and can play. 

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Re: PLAYLIST not available on ios

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Welcome to the @Community, @alf10! The songs may have been gray due to turning on the explicit filter. If this is not the issue, please reply.

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Re: PLAYLIST not available on ios

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Thanks for your help... though I checked and this is not the solution. It is also the case with child songs! 


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Re: PLAYLIST not available on ios


Spotify is really pissing me off. This is been posted dozens of times and nobody has an answer. Seems like a pretty basic function and it has been defunct for a long time. I bet a lot of people have moved over to Apple music for this issue alone.