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Trying to listen to a podcast. Critical Role to be specific and the message “error occurred” keeps popping up. It seems to be the only thing that displays this message. Everything else seems to be working. 

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Me Too

Exact same problem. Displayed Error occured for 2 days, and now I can't even find Critical Role on my desktop or android. Search shows nothing.

I've been having this same issue. It shows up in my library, but shows an error page after selecting it. Every other podcast works without issue. 

Same thing searched games and tried a handful of other dnd podcasts and no problems. 

Same, has this been solved?

No. I think Spotify and geek and sundry parted ways for some reason. Been listening to them on iTunes now.

I'm having the same problem with Crime in Sports and Small Town Murder. Anyone find a solution? 

I guess it's because Spotify changed their "licensing" and the only reason
I found out about it was from Small Town Murder on Twitter calling Spotify
out for not telling their customers

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