'Extreme' quality reverting to 'Normal'... AGAIN!

'Extreme' quality reverting to 'Normal'... AGAIN!


Over the last few days I have noticed then when I start of Spotify on my iPhone (3GS) and enter the settings menu both the 'Stream' and 'Sync' quality options are set to 'Normal' - despite me setting 'Extreme' as the standard.


When I reselect 'Extreme' I get the prompt warning that any existing 'Normal' tracks will be resynced - when I click 'resync' any tracks I have set offline DO appear to resync to the higher quality.


My question is why is 'Extreme' reverting to 'Normal' AGAIN?! The Spotify app is changing these settings automatically, meaning any playlists I save offline between settings checks are being synced in 'Normal' quality.


I honestly hoped this was resolved the last time!

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