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Extreme reverts to HQ


Extreme reverts to HQ

Hi, did the iPhone update today but every time I select extreme it just reverts back to HQ

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For your newer people to this thread, you might not have seen my post about this. This is somewhat of a workaround to use until the next version of the client comes out. You can find my post here.

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David, again a very important question:


Can you confirm that the tracks are really syncing and streaming in 320kbps?


If you can confirm 320kbps, why is file size of synced albums very low, which normally indicates low bitrates?

Is there any reason why the fix is not out ?


This issue was raported first day you gave us this feature that we has been asking for last 3 years





I should certainly hope it's streaming and syncing at 320kbps.

While I have haven't seen the encoding data myself, they certainly sound comparable with the desktop client. From my personal experience, high end frequencies (Cymbals, for example) are a little harsher on lower bitrates.

Our tracks are in an Ogg Vorbis format. This allows us smaller file sizes compared to say, MP3. This might explain the file size discrepancy. The Ogg Vorbis site explains things a little more eloquently than I can, however.

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The workaround is still a HASSLE for those with huge libraries. It has been about a month now. Knowing the iOS platform, it should not take this much time to fully test out the fix if one is even being made. Especially since we pay $10 a month! The lack of user requested features being implemented and the lack of customer support fixing our issues has put users like me on the very last nerve. This is why many artists look at streaming services and block their music from them. The lack of stability makes it seem like a joke. I've gone way too far in this post. I hope a fix is released within the week!
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I don't think this works. 


I've just uninstalled spotify to clean out the cached data. I then re-installed, immediately went to settings and selected "Extreme-Don't resync", and also enabled "Sync Over 2G/3G". I went to the playlist "Coldplay - Mylo Xyloto" and enabled the "Available Offline".


After it synced all the tracks, the data usage for spotify was 62.1 MB. Assuming all that is just the coldplay album a quick calculation reveals:


44 mins playlist

62.1 MiB  == 63590.4 KiB == 507725.2 Kib (kilobits)

per minute:

11561.89.. (kbpm)

per second:

192.7 (kbps).


So it looks like it cached at 192 kbps on my iPhone :-(.



I'm curious what the usage would be if you just streamed the whole album.  I wonder if it is even streaming at 320kbps.

Spotify does not care about their listeners. They only care about their bank balance.


Do not hope


Ask those who know if you are working at Spotify

If not tell those who is working att spotify to answer questions on this spotify forum


We do know about ogg and do not need that information in this thread

We need answers on Topic 

Are you sure that Coldplay album you used for measure is available at 320kbps? With a new feature push like this I'd reckon only a small amount of albums are available at 320kbps for starters.

And this bug should really be a quick maintenance fix - not waiting for the next full Spotify release. That is just stupid.


Judging by the responses on this forum, beyond the Extreme reverting to high quality, some people might have not been able to sync at 320kbps.

We're aware of these corner cases and this should be fixed in the next update. Bare in mind that after the fix is ready to be released, it will still need to pass through the pipeline to be approved by Apple.
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It's because they're all Swedish dumb asses. If you go look at their available jobs they're looking for Software Engineers out the wazoo all in Sweden of course. I don't think any Swedes have any real software skills especially not iOS skills.


Yeah you're probably right, blaming an entire country for a single company's software bug seems like a mature and reasonable response.

David, thanks for the update and recognition of the secondary issue. Do you have an ETA though for the update?

No ETA at present. Our top technical gentlemen have spoken to the iOS developers about it, however, and they aware. As soon as I have an update, I'll post right here.
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I lol'd

Any good alternatives to spotify?
And no not radio's I mean something similar but something that works lol....

There is Google Play.


You can store up to 20,000 songs from your own library for free and instantly access your music on any of your Android devices or the web -- no more syncing or wires.

"Our top technical gentlemen" really? really? hahahah

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