Feedback on new Library design


Feedback on new Library design


I’m not liking the new library design at all. I preferred the previous design where the list of all my “recently played” albums were the predominant thing seen in the library. Now “recently played” is not in the library at all. And I know what you’re thinking... but no... having the “recently played” on “home” is not sufficient. On “home” the scroll is left to right, and you can only view maybe 2 albums at a time. Which means it is not a good thing to navigate while driving. It must be a list.


Secondly, I dislike that in the new library design that “playlists” are given emphasis. I prefer to listen to albums and not playlists. Playlists were great when everybody had to manually upload individual MP3s onto iPods. But now that we have subscriptions to music that can be played on the go over cellular data, I personally am back to listening to full albums.


Please put the “recently played” back in the Library, as a list. Thank you.

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Re: Feedback on new Library design

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Hey there @bminor72,

thanks for posting your feedback!


Changes are sometimes hard to adjust to - no doubt.

However, i do recommend checking this Spotify article and this Spotify answer as they might shed some light on the new changes made on the app.


Furthermore, the "Ideas" section of the community is our spot to let Spotify know what we think.

Feel free to reach it and implement any idea or suggestion you have in mind and users will be able to eaither support the idea by commenting or by voting for it.


Hope this helps =)

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Re: Feedback on new Library design


"Changes are sometimes hard to adjust to - no doubt." Ok...i know you do not work for Spotify, but **bleep** you for saying that..really...**bleep** you. I do not mind adjusting to changes that make sense. This update is complete trash and does not get me to my music in a more streamline way. If anything, it makes it 1000x harder.

If i want to listen to only saved songs of an artist, i need to manually create a playlist for for EVERY artist now (way to make it cluttered....). Or if i want to have all my music in that liked playlist I....well i can't because that "like all songs"option does not work.


This UI change is a complete cluster**bleep** with 95% of people jumping ship and taking their money elsewhere. I am sick of people like you pretty much telling us that we are using it wrong. If it is that much of a mess to use compared to before, then that means it is a terrible UI change.