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Fix Playback Of Playlist Search Results

Fix Playback Of Playlist Search Results

Back in the early days of Spotify, one of my favorite features was the ability to search for an artist within a saved playlist to display everything from that one artist, album, keyword, etc. The function still exists, but somewhere along the line with one of the updates, it lost what I think was it's best feature, which is playing ONLY the tracks that come up in the search, until you have reached the LAST song on the list. I know this sounds a bit confusing, because that is kind of the way it works now, so I'll provide an example. Let's say I search my playlist for 'gorillaz'. I have all the gorillaz albums saved to my offline playlist, so when I search within the list, the entire discography comes up. Brilliant! The problem arises when you reach the last song on an album within your search list, but it isn't actually the last track on the search list. It used to be that the playlist would continue on to the next song, which would be the next song in your search results. In this example, it would be the first track on the next gorillaz album on my list. Now, it takes you to the next song in your general playlist, NOT the next song in your search list. Basically, it acts like the end of any album on your list is the end of the list itself. Additionally, you can no longer search for an artist, and then shuffle the songs only within the search results. Sometimes I want to hear a specific artist with no desire to hear the tracks in the order they are in on the albums. Currently, if you do a search, play a track within the search, and turn on "shuffle", it will play only the track you initially selected, and will then shuffle the next track from your general playlist and not the search results. Both of these features used to exist, so I'm simply requesting that they be brought back or fixed. You are probably thinking, "why not just create a separate playlist for each artist?". I know that I could do that, but honestly, who wants to have to create potentially hundreds of playlists when the search function used to accomplish the same thing without all the hassle and list clutter? It also used to be fun to pick a random word and then shuffle though tracks that related to it within my playlist. PLEASE fix this. It is fairly minor, yet incredibly frustrating and annoying if you are in the middle of something and you have to keep switching back and forth to select the songs you want simply because your search list track selector is acting like a dummy.


As an aside, I did disable the feature that will automatically play a suggested song when it reaches the end of a playlist, based on that playlist, and that had no impact on the issue that I have described above.


You guys still haven't implemented horizontal iphone functionality after 4+ years, so throw me a bone on this one. Thanks. 

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