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Followed playlists disappeared.

Followed playlists disappeared.

At my work we have an Ipad 5 with IOS 12.4.1

A few days ago all of the playlists that we follow, a whole lot, just disappeared from our library. Except for one. Even the ones we created are gone. If we look them up does it still say we follow them. If we unfollow and follow again do they still not appear. So what up?


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Hey @ghiraph, thanks for reaching out to the Community!

So I recommend you follow these steps here.

They’ll be able to help your problem and get back your playlists! 

Hope this helped 🙂

Hi there!

I know it sounds simple, but it's often overlooked. Could you try a clean reinstall of the app? Just follow these steps.


If the issue persists try using Sign Out Everywhere and Remove Offline devices options from your Spotify account.


Hope it helps 🙂

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