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Freezing while syncing

Freezing while syncing

I am trying to sync my iPod and after just a few songs it freezes. Why???

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You need a Spotify-supported device to transfer music from Spotify catalogue for example Windows Phone Mobile or Mango, Android, iPod Touch, iPhone etc.

I do and I have been using it for months. But for some reason it is taking forever to sync today. In 30 minutes 7 songs have synced. 

What songs you are trying to transfer? Local files?


To iPod Shuffle, Nano and Classic you can sync with Spotify only your local files (.mp3 files).


Spotify music from it's catalogue is encoded .ogg, only Spotify app can see those files as music files.

iPod touch and I am trying to sync my Spotify playlists. The same ones I have listened to for months. I had removed them all to make room for my iTunes library but decided I prefer listening to Spotify. I have removed all of my iTunes to make room for the Spotify playlists but, as I have said, it is syncing very slowly. This is not a new process for me so unless you have changed your policies, there is something wrong. 

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