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memory is not freed after deleting offline playlist

memory is not freed after deleting offline playlist



since the last update, deleting a offline playlist does not free  memory of my Iphone.

the consumption of memory grows and grows. The only way to stop that is to delete and reinstall the app.

Am I doing something wrong? How can i solve this problem.


I hope someone can help me.


Regards, Knut

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I am having the same Problem. Using Spotify for iOS4 App and i had 3GB free of memory, i synced some playlists for offline playback, meanwhile deleted them all but i still have only 1GB free!


I could maybe manually delete the whole Cache-folder with iFile, but this is really not an elegant solution.


Is this a known bug?

Same problem and no one has an answer.  If you use Spotify you should get used to seemingly simple problems NEVER being addressed and extremely shoddy customer support.  I mean how hard would it be to switch playlist off and on and have memory freed up in the process.  If you had a multi-million dollar company with access to all the tech experience you needed how hard would that be??!!!!???  Ridiculous.  That is why you pay $10 bucks a month right?  To get crap support.

You guys should add your complaints to this larger thread about this issue.

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