Frustrations with Download / Queue

Frustrations with Download / Queue







iPhone 8+

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iOS 10


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I use Spotify primarily to listen to podcasts. In an ideal situation, I would be able to have a list of just the episodes that I want to listen to out of all the podcasts I subscribe to. This list would be editable - I want to be able to move things around to my liking. I like to be able to listen to one podcast, change to another, etc. I listen to podcasts in the car on a highway. Having to pick up my phone to change to a different podcast is infuriating and not safe! 


I haven’t been able to figure out a way to do this.


I can’t do this when I download podcasts. This is not editable other than to remove the podcast. 


I can’t create a playlist to add podcasts to. It doesn’t give me the option to add to a playlist like it does for music. 


When I try to use the queue, the items I download will inexplicably disappear and will be replaced with ALL the episodes of 1 particular podcast I listen to. I’ve tried several times with the same result. 

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I do the same thing.  I am a recent listener to several years old podcasts.  I'd like to catch up by listening in a rotating order A,B,C,A,B,C....  I can add things to my queue, but more often than not they disappear and I have to add them 2-3 times.  They show up if I check the queue immediately, but when I get in the car for my commute in the morning they are gone.

If you're only using Spotify for podcasts, the solution is really to use one of the many, much better apps designed for podcasts.  Spotify's implementation of pocasts is awful and lacks a lot of basic features.

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