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Full Screen Canvas

Full Screen Canvas

I usually have my phone on a dock when listening to Spotify at home or at a party and before the update you could tap the canvas to enter a fullscreen Canvas. The art was so vibrant and it was very entertaining. 


Can you please bring it back as now the canvas artwork is very very dark thanks to the shadow of the player so there's no point in even having it anymore as you cant see half of it.


I Beg you to bring back the fullscreen canvas as a feature or setting. (so the HUD dissappears)


Please consider it


21 Replies

Wasn't this some broken by some recent update?

I think those little videos are nice, but also handy that it was developed so that user could push it once and it changed back to static album-cover.

Please, fix this and remove the pause button etc from blocking the canvas.

Please bring the full screen canvas back!!! 

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