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Gapless playback doesnt work properly

Gapless playback doesnt work properly

it only works occasionally.


I'm using a BT headset(MW-600) and i only stream my music in High quality.


Also crossfade doesnt seem to work either. 😕

5 Replies

According to previous update, Spotify released fix to "Extreme sound" bug. So maybe this "Crossfade" bug will be fixed in next update?


In Windows Phone application there is no Gapless, Crossfade or even Extreme sound. I would be happy with Spotify for iPhone...

why should i be happy with a feature that doesnt work?


Also, if i don't report this issue it will never be fixed.

You should be happy, just try how poor is Spotify for Windows Phone. This is little problem related to all thousands Spotify for Windows Phone problems which are unfixed soon for year.

Instead of complaining about my feedback to the spotify team i think you should either stop using spotify on your windows phone or get an iphone instead. Smiley Wink

Yes, I'm thinking to downgrading to Unlimited. I do not like iPhone or Apple, it's overvalued.


I really love my Lumia as it is and hope that Spotify can fix your iPhone Crossfade bug.


Hopefully Spotify can fix this issue in no time, but in next update maybe.

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