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Get Iphone to show up under Devices and Sync selected playlists...

Get Iphone to show up under Devices and Sync selected playlists...

Hopefully this helps some of you.... I know there are a ton of people with this issue, as I have scanned these boards looking for a solution myself but I didn't find one so now I am posting this for anyone who needs it...

My iphone will sync with spotify and work computer in my office over work wifi, but would never do it at home. At home, my iphone never showed up under Devices in the Spotify menu on my laptop.

Here's the difference... At home, I can't fully manage my wifi settings. The equipment is not in my apartment. It's on the roof of my building or something and I am signed up through a company that doesn't allow me to tweak all the settings.

So if Spotify is allowed through your computer's firewall, your computer and your iphone are on the same wifi network, and everything else seems right, and you still can't see your iphone under "Devices", try this.

At least if you have Windows 7 or similar.....

Go to Manage Wireless Networks....

Click Add...

Create an ad hoc network. Name it so you can find it on your iphone too.

Choose WEP and create a password.

Join that network now on your computer.... YOU WILL NOT HAVE AN INTERNET CONNECTION.

Join that same network on your iphone's wifi. You should see your iphone appear under Devices on your computer's Spotify and you should see your playlists with local files syncing on your iphone.

When finished, make sure you rejoin your regular wifi account on your computer so you have an internet connection.

It might be a little annoying to go back and forth if you are trying to sync new stuff from your local files every day, but I'm not, so I was pretty happy to figure this out. Good luck, music lovers!

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