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Problem Detecting iPhone 5 on Spotify

Problem Detecting iPhone 5 on Spotify

My Spotify Premium subscribtion used to work fine.  But just now I was downloading new music, and organizing + adding it to new playlists when all of a sudden my local files stopped sycning to spotify.  For some reason, my computer-app spotify doesnt not recognize my iphone hence I cannot sync my local files.  The two are using the same wifi connection, and Ive also tried connecting via USB and personal hotspot with no success.  This is extremely strange because everything used to work just fine.  The only thing that has changed was that I recently updated iTunes, but i dont see how this would change anything.  ANyone have any advice?

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Have you tried running Spotify desktop as an administrator?

Also, make sure Spotify on your iPhone is in the foreground and not in offline mode.

Also, have you tried temporarily disabling your AV software firewall or your windows firewall? Alternatively, you can create an inbound/outbound TCP exception for spotify.exe in your firewall.

If it still doesn't work, try reinstalling it on both devices.


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