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Get rid of error messages on mobile app

Get rid of error messages on mobile app

I'm talking about the one that pops up everytime it can't connect to internet on my iPhone. I'm walking from class to class and sometimes the internet cuts out when I have no signal and wireless hasn't connected yet. The music will stop playing, but will play again when I'm connected. I'm okay with that. The problem is that when I go back to the app, it has the error message that says it's not connected to the internet and can't play music (even when it is playing music). But it constantly pops up even when I hit cancel. I either have to hit cancel like 100x or jut completely reboot the app. This just gets tedious after a while. I'm fine with having no message at all, I understand that the music cuts out becuase I have no internet. PLEASE get rid of it!!!!

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