Space used by Spotify

Space used by Spotify

Hi guys! I need many informations about this fantastic app. Can someone who can explain to me how this app work? I notice that every time a listen to a radio the space on my device - I'm using an iPad mini - occupied by Spotify always increases, even if I've turned off the offline mode. Is that normal? Why? I also tried to eliminate all the songs on my playlist and the playlist itself but the used space does not decreases. Is there a way to free the hundreds of megabyte used by Spotify without uninstall it?

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Hey! Welcome to the community 🙂 


When you stream content from Spotify on the mobile applications, Spotify will cache some of that data, think of it as a temporary storage area. This means for example, if you want to play a song again, or in other cases add it to an offline playlist, the application does not need to waste bandwidth by downloading the track again, since it already has it stored in its temporary cache. This functionality reduces the demand on mobile data, but also on the Spotify servers. 


If you wish to clear out the cache, you could try following the first few steps outlined in the Troubleshooting section of the iOS help guide.



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