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Google cast not working

Google cast not working

Well Spotify, when are you going to fix this? I see threads from 2013 and 2021 of people complaining about Spotify not staying connected to google cast. Do any of your employees ever use google cast, because you should be aware of how embarrassingly janky it is. If not, I suggest you guys try using your software every once in a while, you might learn something. 

Full list of issues, feel free to comment with your own

  • Can’t edit my queue: How is the most basic of functions unable to work? This includes dragging and dropping songs, deleting songs off queue, and adding new songs. 
  • Podcasts abruptly stop or change: I don’t know if you are aware, but if I have a 12 hour pink noise podcast play, I’d like for it to play straight through. Instead it cuts out on its own, in truly random intervals (had one 20 minute session last night, followed by a 2 hour one before getting disconnected), or will just start playing another podcast from you library. It will even leave the current playlist you are on to do this. 
  • It just doesn’t connect: half the time it simply doesn’t connect. This is such a platform breaking bug, how is your team not working on a fix here? This seems to be made worse from the podcast issue as my Spotify didn’t seem to fully convey to my google home that it is no longer connected. But I’m not a software engineer, so that sounds like not my job to figure out. 

I’m pumped to hear from a Spotify team member to explain to me how y’all are working diligently on fixing these issues. Can’t wait to be told the customer is the priority just to watch the software decline and decline and decline. You guys suck and are about to force people to Apple Music. 


And in conclusion (and as always), it is my opinion that smart shuffle must be destroyed. 

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