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Got Running but where is NOW?

Got Running but where is NOW?

I got the Running tab two weeks ago but I am still waiting for the NOW tab.  What is the status of the rollout?  I am a premium subscriber and would think that it would have been right behind the Running rollout.  It was announced over a month ago, how long could it take?  With the pending launch of Apple Music, is there any urgency to get this fully rolled out to all your premium subscribers by the end off June?


Is there any update other than it's gradually being rolled out?

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Now was available in the beta test for premium during the last update of Spotify for iOS.

I don't think it's available via the latest update.

They may have removed the feature, because when you go to the Spotify Now website, it redirects to Spotify Running.


Hey mikoskamuka! Here's an update for you.


Turns out, there was an opt-in avaiable for users that gave access to Spotify Now and Moments:

• Have an iPhone 4S or newer
• Live in the US, UK, Germany or Sweden
• And don't have the latest update with Spotify Now, Moments


Sadly, the maximum number of users for the opt-in has been reached. 😞


There you go!



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