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Green "available offline" arrow not displaying next to most tracks after sync

Green "available offline" arrow not displaying next to most tracks after sync

The only other thread I found that mentioned this problem was already marked "solved" even though this particular issue hadn't been acknowledged. So, new thread.


For now, the songs seem to play offline, even if some of the individual tracks don't indicate they're available offline. By this, I mean it's hit or miss. And today it's "hit." But yesterday it was "miss." I have tried logging out and back in, and have done a clean install of the Spotify app, neither of which fixed the issue.




On the Spotify iOS app (and even the Mac desktop), when the "available offline" toggle is clicked, the UI does not appear to respond at all. Some songs will display the "available offline" green arrow immediately after the toggle is switched (possibly because I have that specific track already available offline through a different, operating-as-expected offline playlist), but the rest of the tracks remain the same (no grey "waiting to be synced" indicator either). I'm now able to put the phone in airplane mode (or Spotify in "offline mode"), and these tracks (which don't have the green arrow indicator) still play. A few days ago, every playlist I had selected to be availble offline wasn't able to play at all, and an error message with "track list unavailable" would show up instead. The lack of consistency, in regards to labeling tracks that are available offline, has been present since the June 2nd update to the iOS app. I'm not sure how long the issue has been present in the desktop app (would guess approx. 2 months); it's so unbearably slow that I tend to not even bother with it.



A more detailed description, using numbered steps

1. toggle playlist to "available offline"

2. no activity within the UI

3. playlists show they're available offline** even if the tracks themselves don't show the green arrow 


**Under your music > playlists, these playlists (screencapped below) display the green "available offline" arrow, however only some of the tracks within the playlist display the same. Sometimes these tracks will play offline, sometimes they won't.



What I expected to happen

Clarity, responsiveness, and consistency. The same I'd expect from any other UI.



What actually happens
Having to guess if my playlists are actually available offline.



My iPad/iPhone model

iPhone 5C 16GB (7.2 GB currently available) / Macbook 13 inch, mid 2010



Device’s Operating System

7.0.6 iOS / 10.9.2 OSX



Is your device jailbroken?

Yes, but this is an issue with Spotify on desktop as well. And it's an issue completely localized to the Spotify UI, which I am 99.9% certain my jailbreak doesn't interfere with. I would say 100%, but I hate putting my foot in my mouth, so...



Approximately how many playlists do you have?

Less than 30 playlists. Currently two playlists are selected for offline use (17 tracks total, and only 5 tracks are "flagged" as being available offline).



My mobile Spotify version



My desktop Spotify version (if applicable)



My provider and country
Verizon, US



My username

Won't this be listed right next to my post?


edit: or is the user ID # you're looking for here? 124207596



Do you have any screenshots you can attach to more clearly explain your issue?


photo 1(4).PNG  photo 2(5).PNG

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Do you have any playlists that are fully downloaded?

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before this started? yes, i had several. i then toggled off "available offline" for all of my playlists. since then, i've made one of my go-to playlists (70ish tracks) available offline again with no issue (all tracks are displaying the green arrow next to them). but the two playlists that i screencapped are still having the same issues.

i have the same problem as concert regular. But my devices are android phone and MacBook air.
Hope the pbms will be solved soon.
And thx concert regular for the detailed description, that should help the spotify team

Is this still happening to both of you guys? Can you guys do a clean reinstallation?

Pertaining your issue, that seems like it shouldn't happen given what you’ve described (I've tried on my end and it works perfectly fine), I guess your music cache is corrupted, kindly do a clean reinstallation following the steps below:

Click into your Spotify App -> Logout from Spotify (Spotify app Settings -> Logout) -> [If you are on premium and have songs that are on available offline, click here: and remove all devices -> Go to iPhone Settings, General, Usage and Delete the app -> Go to App Store and download the Spotify app again.

Also clear off Safari’s Cache under iPhone/iPad Settings > Safari and Clear all of the caches.
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I have the same problem.  I just tried deleting and reinstalling the app, and it actually made it worse!  There's now one more track in my offline playlist that doesn't have the green arrow.  It's really annoying.  Please help.

I'm experiencing the same issues. I tried all the trouble shooting mentioned above and I have 1.6 GB available...

Just fyi - I'm still having this problem on iOS 8.1.2 and the newest spotify on iPhone 6. For me, the songs still play so it's not a big deal. But kind of weird/annoying that random tracks don't show the green arrow.

(And I've done clean install a couple times with no luck)

Also having this problem, came here via google search to find a solution. The unmarked tracks do play at my home in airplane mode, but I'm worried if I'm out camping or somewhere else with no wifi, those tracks won't play. It's not a problem of not having enough songs to listen to, but that some of those not showing up are must-have camping songs. 🙂

I'm using premium on an iPhone 4s and about 30/200 tracks on my playlist have no green arrow. [Incidentally,some of these tracks also show up in 'local', but they are definitely not synced to my phone through iTunes. All I have in iTunes on my phone is two books.]

I had this same issue and was able to solve the problem by freeing up some space on my iPhone. I had about 200MB free on my phone, but removed about 1GB of photos and music and instantly the songs started saving and the arrows next to the songs went green. Hope this helps some people.



If you have less than 200-300MB of storage left, Spotify usally won't sync. I think this is because it tries to save enough room so the device has enough space left to do normal activities and things that might need to use the space. 

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Ah bummer - that's not the problem for me. I have like 80g free and still have the issue sometimes.

I had the same issue with this as well. I noticed that when syncing music to my iPhone whilst I have my desktop program open it stops showing the green arrow for some reason. When I close Spotify on my computer and resync my playlists on my iPhone 5C (iOS 8.2), the green arrow reapears. Strange...

That solution actually worked for me! Thank you.

I'm having this same issue, and can confirm that I've tried the same solutions as launchparty and have had no luck fixing the issue. I have signifcant free space on my device as well. For the most part songs without the green downloaded arrow will play in offline mode, but not all. 

I have this same issue, my entire playlist is available offline except some songs dont have the green arrow? I've made the albums of those songs available offline as well and the green arrow still wont show up but if i put my phone on airplane mode it will play those songs? 

Same problem, got well over 30GB left, still won't sync some song. And now a red arrow suddenly appeared next to some song, anyone know anything about that?

The gray arrow is there for a second or two as I open the app, but then they just disappeare.

It must be a globlal issue with spotify. Get the same issue since today and some friends in other countries are experiencing the same problem as they can't get the down green arrows any more. It does not seem to be related to free memory space. Keep finger crossed someone get it solved. Best

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