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Hangs and crashes when downloading over cellular

Hangs and crashes when downloading over cellular

I have installed spotify on my ipad air and if I try and download when connected to cellular network it either just hangs at 0/x tracks downloaded or if you try and stop / start any more downloads the app just crashes.
On wifi it is fine.
And yes the cellular connection works fine for anything else.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled.
Does anyone have the same issue or can anyone download tracks over cellular ok?
I'm guessing by the version # 0.9 this is still beta?
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Just to confirm the sync over 2G/3G option is selected in your app Settings? 


And 0.9 is a stable release, Spotify just have weird numbering of releases. 😛

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There is no 2/3/4G option in the in app settings but yes it is enabled in the mobile data settings.

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