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iPad chooses not to play local files

iPad chooses not to play local files

Hi, just a quick question.


I'm trying to sync a playlist of streamed and offline files to my iPad. However, one of the offline tracks does not play on my iPad. 


I have synced the exact same playlist to my iPhone and the same local file plays with absolutely no issues whatsoever. Also, a track from the same album has synced and does play on my iPad. The file also plays fine on my desktop.


I have redownloaded and resynced the song, uninstalled and reinstalled the app, converted the song in iTunes to a different bitrate and resynced - still no playback on iPad.


The file shows as 'green' and synced, but I find it ridiculous that it will not play.


This is incredibly frustrating as it it cannot be a problem with the file, and instead the iPad app has chosen to take an issue with the actual song (Here Come The Sun by The Beatles - so no chance of finding a streamed version)


Any ideas on how to get this to play on my iPad?

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Strange, what format is the track in?



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Rob, any progress on solving this problem?  I'm having the exact same problem you described.

Hey guys, are you getting any error messages when playing the track (with green arrow beside it)? Is it a "this track is not synced" kind of one?


Glenn, what file type is yours? Do you have the same track synced to another device too? 


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Yes, the offending tracks are synced to multiple devices (iPhone and iPad).  The sync appears to be successful, as the tracks in question on both devices show the green downward pointing arrow (not grayed out).  However, while the tracks play successfully on my iPhone, I get an error message when I try to play them on my iPad.     The message is "Track Not Synced.  If you own the track, you can sync it from your computer."  The computer where the tracks reside shows that they are available offline.  


The tracks are MP3 format.  There's a separate forum topic where a user was having problems with MP3 files that had originally been purchased AAC format (from iTunes), but had been upgraded and now were on his computer in both formats.  That is also the case in my situation for the tracks I'm having trouble with.


Appreciate any help/suggestions you can offer.

Adam -- just following up.  Hope you saw my response to your questions on 4/14.  Any thoughts or suggestiosn?

I had the same problem.

My synced songs (mainly tracks hat aren't avalibe on spotify) worked perfectly fine on my iphone and computer, but they didn't play on my Ipad Air IOS7 when i started it up from an Icloud copy.


I had synced the playlist and they all had the little green arrow next to them, however, when I tried to play them, nothing happened. Those that were avalible on spotify did play however, but the ones that wasn't included in the spotify library (Ac/Dc, Beatles, Rammstein etc) didn't start at all. Sometimes the message "Track not synced" appeared, although it really was synced.


I removed the app from my Ipad, and then installed it again. Now the tracks were all gray and i could sync them again. And once they were synced they all worked. The problem probably appeared since i booted the Ipad from Icloud, and didn't initually sync them (they were synced when i opened the app).


Hoppefully it helps! 🙂


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