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Heart button saving songs in "Albums" folder since latest update

Heart button saving songs in "Albums" folder since latest update






iphone 8s

Operating System

ios 11.4.1


My Question or Issue

 SInce the most recent update, i have noticed that when i try to fine tune my Daily Mix or other playlists using the "Like" or Heart button - the app is now putting single tracks into my Album folder.


This never used to happen and i find it annoying when i want to keep the Album folder for just that - full albums?

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Hi @Bretto29 and welcome to the Community! 🙂
This is how it functions for me as well. Even if you don't save a full album, it creates the album for those tracks you hearted as a category for that artist. That way you can quickly access just those tracks from that area.
Let's say I only liked half of an album and wanted to play just those songs ...
You could go to the album area and only see those tracks rather than digging through the Songs folder that catches everything you heart or the Artist section which would play every song by that artist you saved. It's just a simpler way of filtering your favorites. 🙂
Hope this helps clarify and have a wonderful day! 😄

I know this post is a bit old, but this is happening for me.  The response was so that you can have easy access to songs saved under an album but surely that is what liked songs are for and you can sort that by album.


Whats the point of have a liked songs and album section if when you heart an individual track it creates an album,that doesnt doesnt make sense. I could maybe understand if you liked 2+ songs of an album, but not just 1 track.

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