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Hello (Spotify on Multiple Devices)

Hello (Spotify on Multiple Devices)

Hello, I want to ask a question.

I want to buy Spotify Premium for myself. Can I use that premium account on my iPhone 5S, my dad's iPhone 4 and my laptop?


MOD EDIT: I edited the subject line briefly so it's clearer for everyone, instead of "Hello" (which seems to be like a random fb chat that my friend would send me every morning while his boss is not around. 😛 ).

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Welcome to the Spotify Community @okagos

Yes you can.

However please take note:
Spotify operates on a per-user subscription model, so each Spotify premium account is really meant to be used by one person only (and one device at a time), so you can only stream from one device at a time. If you wanted to be able to stream in both rooms, you would have to have two separate Premium subscriptions.
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If you want two people to use your account at the same time, one person will have to listen to music saved offline in Offline Mode.

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