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Horrible warping sound when skipping through a song

Horrible warping sound when skipping through a song








iPhone 12 Pro Max


Operating System

iOS 14


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When skipping through parts of a song from the Lyrics tab I now encounter probably the worst, ear-rending sound I've heard in a music app. Like every lyric and layer of the song blended together at the same time. I would attach a recording of this happening but apparently I'm not allowed and I also don't want to subject anyone else to the sound.


Why this was even added, I don't know. I'm someone who likes to go through songs and find my favourite parts and now I can't comfortably do even that, on a service I've been consistently paying for.


Is this a relatively minor issue? Yes. Is this something everyone who uses the app will find a problem with? No. But was this change necessary? Absolutely not and that's why I found it annoying enough to post here. I can't for the life of me understand why Spotify keeps trying to fix what isn't broken.


This is the second time I've had to post to these forums in the past few months because of a ridiculous "feature" like this. I have a decently long trial with Apple Music thanks to my carrier so I might just stick to that if Spotify insists on making useless and downright irritating, inconvenient changes every other day. So annoying.

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