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How do I delete a song from a playlist while on my iPhone?


How do I delete a song from a playlist while on my iPhone?

How do I delete a song from a playlist while on my iPhone?

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This is ridiculous. I'm listening to a song in a playlist and decided I no longer want it in this playlist. Can't seem to find an easy way.

Thank god, I thought it was impossible to delete a song from a playlist, so not instinctive spotify

It isn't working

Completely agree it's too tedious for a larger playlist.

Glad to see that this is an option. However, it's a poor user experience for folks with large playlists. When I am listening to a playlist on random, I may stumble on a song I no longer want in the list. In order to delete it I have to go to a separate view and try to find the song. It would be much easier and more convenient if this could be done from within the song options view (same menu as "go to album", "go to artist", etc.. Please make it easier Spotify!

jap, that's a must have for a serious streaming service: just one more option in the menu, when using a playlist.
PLEASE spotify guys: FIX IT!
It would save me and a lot of folks a lot of time and nervs.

I agree ! We can't delete a song from a playlist that we are listening ? We have to go on the playlist, search for it and then delete it ?

I can't understand how spotify think about developing their app... It's basic that functionnality !

I have a Samsung and a laptop but I can not figure out how to delete a song.  I clicked on the 3 dots by the playlist (not by the song) and 'edit' is not an option for me.  All the options are:


-Add to Play Queue


-Make Secret


-Star Radio

-Copy Spotify URL and

-Delete (as in delet playlist, I tried)

What do I do?

My playlist is over 1000 entries. How do I find a specific song and then remove it?

You have to search for it on top of the list,but I agree it's tedious. Please Spotify, easy removal of tracks from playlist is a must have function. While the song is playing you should have the option to remove it.

What if this doesn't work? I swip to delete it and it says deleted but it's still displaying?

That's kind of tedious, because often one needs to scroll down to the song in the playlist.


Is there no "one-click-remove-from-playlist" button hidden somewhere?

Is there a quicker way to do This? Currently, it involves quite many clicks.

why is this so hard?

i here a song on my playlsit with 350 songs.

i dont like that song so i want to remove it. 

i have to open my list hit the 3 dots and then scroll till i find it then remove it

why can i just click it while its playing and remove it?

am i missing something?

How ridiculous is that?????

Indeed, should become easier because 5+ clicks to delete 1 song is cumbersome

Hello I have iPad and I want to know the way delete a song from my playlist!

This is so tedious, I don't know why your anser begins with "just". Please make it easier to do by including a remove from playsit option on the menu next to the currently playing track. Apple has had this feature for a long time. 

Is there  no easier way to do this for a playlist with a lot (hundreds) of songs? You really have to scroll down the list til you find the one you want to delete. That’s a pretty awful glitch. 

This solution only works when you have only a few songs in a playlist. If you have a playlist with a couple of hundred songs, this solution is simply not achievable, because I can’t find that specific song in such a big playlist. 

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