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How do I disable all notifications on my iPhone?

How do I disable all notifications on my iPhone?

I hate these idiot notifications.  They interrupt me, they wake me up, and I can find no way to get rid of them.  Do I have to completely uninstall Spotify from my iPhone to get away from these stupid things?  Why the HELL does Spotify think I give a **bleep** if there is a new release when it's 3:00 in the morning? 


If anyone has figured out how to turn these off, please tell me.


If I have to cancel my subscription and uninstall Spotify, I will, but you'd think it would be an easy setting to change. 


I am incredibly grumpy due to not being able to get back to sleep after another middle of the night Spotify notification.  HATE!

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Hi, and welcome to the community!


If you go to Settings>Notifications then find Spotify, you can disable all notification types from there.


Anthony 🙂

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I already have notifications turned off for Spotify.  It just ignores the setting.  So really, how do I do it?

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