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Starred List - Taking FOREVER To Load

Starred List - Taking FOREVER To Load

I'm having a very big issue with the Starred list on my Iphone 4S. The Starred list takes forever to load. The list is offline and should be easily accessable. I've tried putthing Spotify into offline only mode, then the list doesn't load at all. In online mode, it can take up to 10 minutes for it to show up. I thought I had too many songs, so I moved all the starred songs to a different playlist, that one works fine. I restarted Starred list and even with only 10 songs on it, would still take forever to load. I deleted the application from my IOS and reinstalled, same problem.  I'm also running into this problem on my Roku, the starrred list on Roku does not load at all, even after waiting 15 minutes.


This is a huge inconvenience and it has never been a problem before. What is going on? 

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