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How do I disable the 30 minute ad free listening feature?

How do I disable the 30 minute ad free listening feature?

I came across this feature where I can watch a 15-30 second video to get a 30 minute break from the ads. I did it a few times and then it started to automatically say "The next 30 minutes are ad free, thanks to the following sponsor" it played the 15-30 second video and then it said "now enjoy the next 30 minutes without ads." It does that every time i pick the first song each time I open the app on my iPad, and I have a problem with that. I don't like having to wait up to a minute in order to listen to a song EVERY TIME I open the app. It really bothers me, especially when the video is 30 seconds long. It does give me the option saying "no I'll keep the ads" but I tried doing that and it didn't work, it just continued to do that thing. I also tried uninstalling the app and then reinstalling the app but that didn't work either. Is there somebody out there who can help me out with this?

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Hi @user-removed,

Unfortunately there is no real way to change this...You are a Spotify Free User so there are ads. The idea behind those 30 seconds videos is to get the "chance" to listen 30 min. music without being interrupted after each and every song.

I wish I could tell you something better but if you don't want to listen to ads you have to go Premium! (Read here what is available with Free)



I actually just opened the Spotify app on my ipad a couple minutes ago, picked a song, and it just went right to playing the song. I don't know how this happened, there might've been a limited amount of time for when the feature is enabled, or maybe it could be something else, but it seems like my problem fixed itself.

What you've experienced happens randomly...
It might be again that there will be ads right after you opened the App!


I just opened the app a few minutes ago and I just experienced it again. The last several times it hasn't been doing that but this is the first time in about a week that it happened. I guess you're right about it happening randomly.

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