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How do I get Spotify for ios 4!?

How do I get Spotify for ios 4!?

I just bought spotify, I want it on my ipod touch!


I have ios5.1.1 i read i need spotify for ios4.  how do i get this?  id ownload app but it says i need ios6..

help plz..

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Make sure your device is up to date then go to the app store and download Spotify. You should be able to use the app once downloaded. Spotify doesn't support iOS 4. And as it is possible to downgrade iOS, it's a hefty process.


"Spotify supports streaming and offline syncing to iPod touch versions with iOS 5 or later. You can sync only your local files to the following models: All iPod classic, nano shuffle, except the very early Firewire versions." - x

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Try the steps posted by @RedTide in his excellent post:


The only way to trigger the Last Compatible Version download is to have the app already 'purchased' under your Apple ID. Terrible solution, but that's how it seems to work.


Follow these steps to get older versions of Spotify, or other apps for that matter:


- Go to the App Store from within iTunes on your computer

- Download Spotify to your computer

- It will get linked to your Apple ID account

- Go to the App Store on your iPod/iPad/iPhone

- Go to Purchased Apps under Updates

- Go to the Not on this iPod section, you will see Spotify

- Try downloading Spotify

- You will be prompted to download the last compatible version

- Have fun!


Hopefully this works for people. I was able to get Spotify and other apps working on a 3rd gen iPod Touch. Made my day!

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