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How do I get back 2 columns in the view?

How do I get back 2 columns in the view?

Really cant suss out how to get back 2 columns in the view on ipad can you help?



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Hey there Kev, 


Sorry to hear you're having problems with the app. 


The team at Spotify try to work to fit in the needs and requirements of all devices and sometimes things like this aren't suited for the device you're using.  


Can I just check two things: 


1. How does it look in Portrait mode on your iPad? Does this make it better and more user friendly?

2. If you haven't updated your app to the latest version, I would also suggest doing that as there are new versions released quite often. 


Stay tuned in the future for upgrades and enhancements to your experience. Your feedback is kindly taken on board 🙂





Hi and thanks for the reply

I have a newer version than my wife and she has the 2 column view, I have attached 2 screenshots

It still looks the same in portrait mode



I'm unable to see those screenshots, can you please provide again? 


Thank you 🙂

Do you know how to change the view from 1 column to 2?


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