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How do I save a radio station I create on iPhone?

How do I save a radio station I create on iPhone?

Now Spotify does NOT take technical support questions at their premium email address for paying subscribers such as myself (at $120 per year), which sucks.


They launch the radio on the mobile devices, but once I create my own station by typing in an artist name, there doesn't appear to be a way to SAVE the station for later listening (which can be don on Pandora and every other music service on earth).


Does anyone have a clue, now that Spotify isn't giving preferred tech support to paid subscribers?

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I have this same problem.   I have created the same station 3 or 4 times, and thumbed up/down on several songs.  Not only does the app tell me I have a skip limit even though I'm a premium user, but it never saves the station.  I am stuck with the spotify app playing "Rihanna" every time I load it, because that is the station spotify intially had pre-programmed into my account. 


Spotify, what is the point of liking/disliking songs if you're going to dictate what we listen to anyway??

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