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Songs available on desktop but not phone

Songs available on desktop but not phone

Hello, I'm using the iPhone 4s with whatever the latest iOS and Spotify updates are (just updated sptofiy about twenty minutes ago). I seem to be unable to find some songs on Spotify Mobile that otherwise pop up in full on desktop. This has happened with several albums, but the examples I can present for sure are: Austrian Death Machine's Total Brutal and Double Brutal; Cattle Decapitation's The Monolith of Inhumanity, To Serve Man, Karma.Bloody.Karma, and Humanure; The Ocean's Heliocentric, Precambrian, and Aeolian; and Cannibal Corpse's entire discography. Are some songs only licensed for the desktop version, or is there a cache-clearing issue or something I can perform?

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I am having the same issue, you just informed me of another artist I have to sync, CANNIBAL CORPSE!


I noticed on my account the majority of The Black Dahlia Murder albums are available for stream on the desktop, minus the album Deflorate and a few other mismatched songs; however, on my mobile none of The Black Dahlia Murder songs area available ...


After some searching, mainly dealing with issues of cache syncing, starring albums and what not, I came to a dead end.


I then checked on a couple other Metalblade Records artists (Unearth, As I Lay Dying, ...), all again the same problem, available on desktop but not mobile (even with premium account).

On the same note Job For a Cowboy does not appear with any results whatsoever on the mobile (could be an error), but on the desktop once again, mobile streaming available.


It must be an issue with licensing and contracts, but why it would be available only on desktop with a premium account is beyond me.


Hopefully staff will chime in, because I have not seen any other posts refering to licensing being an issue with available on desktop vs mobile.

I love this app


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