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How do I 'unhide' a song?

How do I 'unhide' a song?






iPhone 6S

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I accidentally tapped the 'hide song' button in my 'Liked' playlist, trying to work out what everything in the interface did. Now it's in my Liked list still, but with this red circle with a line in it instead of with a green heart (See picture). I can't get the song to come up again when I shuffle the playlist, and the icon to hide only seems to appear on the currently playing song in the shuffle list. I also can't explicitly select a song to play like I can on desktop. In the song options there is nothing about unhiding. So how the **bleep** do I make that icon go away? I want to listen to this song in my shuffle list!

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uninstall reinstall app

Type the requested song into the search bar, click the song options. Then re-like the song, it should then appear in your 'liked songs', you should then be able to play the song. 

In the desktop version of Spotify, I couldn't play a song. A pop-up told me it was hidden in the iPhone app version. I searched for the song in my app, liked it, restarted the desktop version, and now it's playing fine from both. Thanks for the help! (You can also unlike the song after liking it, and it will still play.)

Thank you loads! The answers above work

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