How to clear the queue?


How to clear the queue?

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iOS app Apple XR - If I have music in my queue and want to listen to an album or playlist outside of my queue it will only play whatever song I tap on. How can I clear my queue so I can listen to the entire playlist or album that I choose? It's really annoying. Also once again, please give us hi res spotify! Pretty please!? :-)



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I have exactly the same problem, it's been going on for about 2 weeks and is so annoying  that I basically can't use spotify anymore. There are hundreds of songs in my queue and I don't know how they came there!! Whatever album/playlist I wanna listen to - after one song the queued songs jump in. I deleted them manually song by song, why is there no delete all function? Is that caused by the AutoPlay function? How can I prevent my queue to fill up again and how can I prioritize shuffle over queue?

(I never had that problem before, I didn't change my user behavior either so I guess it is a tech problem)