Read music from library by default


Read music from library by default



when the playbak is set to online, the iOS spotify app is trying to load the data from a saved album from the internet first.

In case the connection is lost or crappy the request will failed and the album will not be displayed even though it is right there, saved on the device.

A fix at the moment is to switch the playback to offline but it's a pain in the **bleep**.


I don't understand why your developers did this.

The pattern to load data is to load local datas first and then start the network request.

It's been going on for a while now and i assume if nobody complains it's not gonna be fixed anytime soon so here i am complaining.


Could we please have a fix?

I could do it myself but your code is not open-source so...

Anyway, hope this gets adressed soon.