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How to disable the 3G/4G warning on IOS

How to disable the 3G/4G warning on IOS

I want to use IOS version of Spotify on-line, but only on Wifi,


To achive this I have disabled on the IOS level access to Celluar data as IOS calls it.

Now I have the problem everytime I start spotify I have to click away the warning a few times. 

So now I run in offline mode, no warning any more,  but on Wifi I have todo manual steps to sync updated playlists.


I fairly sure that nearly everyone has a data plan and not unlimited, so clearly what I have is workarounds to what I would expect to be some sort of standard operating mode.


I want a solution where I don't have to click a few times to start the app and I don't have to do manual work on Wifi.



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@taw6 The 3G/4G data warning happens on the iPhone level, the data alert mechanism comes from the device itself,
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I have lots of iPhone apps that work without this warning. 


I just tried two, both have 'Use Cellura Data'  disabled they never give me these warnings.

Naturally they can use  'Use Cellura Data' when its enabled.


If these two apps don't  give a warning, its  a design choice by Spotify App (or they just don't know how to create an application that does not do it). I personally don't know anything about IOS app development, but as other apps work with out this.....


If its an Apple problem or how I am using my phone the other apps would have the same problem.

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