How to remove notifications on iPhone after message is read?

How to remove notifications on iPhone after message is read?

My Spoity icon on my iPhone 5 indicates I have 13 messages (or, is it just 13 generic notifications? Not sure, but probably makes no difference.) It's been like this for MONTHS. It does not update when I actually get new messages or notifications. It just stays at 13.


I've tried uninstalling multiple times. I've tried ensuring all the messages were read on the desktop version. i've tried deleting some messages. And, I should note that I'm not the only person having this problem - as indicated in this tread, there have been similar complaints dating back to Dec. 2012! (Some people were able to resolve the issue, and perhaps some of these problems were fixed by updates over the months and years. But, people keep popping up with the same problem.)


Can someone from Spotify PLEASE try to provide a solution for this, once and for all?

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Any ideas for this??

I am experiencing the same problem, and to the best of my knowledge, tried every conceivable fix similar to the other user with no luck.

I'm curious, what number shows on your app? (i.e. How many unread notifications does the app say you have?) 

Mine says 30 and has for some time.

Ok, my says 13 (and has for about a year.) Just wanted ot see if we're all getting the same number or not. It's not the end of the world, but i am a bit annoyed that Spotify has been so unresponsive.

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