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How to stop Spotify from automatically syncing with my iPod

How to stop Spotify from automatically syncing with my iPod

Hey there,


my quick search didn't get me anywhere and I apologize if the topic is already being discussed somewhere else. It's entirely possible that I didn't use the perfect keywords.


I own an iPod Nano which I sync with iTunes and I'm using Spotify with an unlimited subscription - no need for syncing my iPod with Spotify, obviously. However, that's what happens automatically, every time I don't think twice about plugging in my iPod while listening to music on Spotify. Thereby, today I erased about 16GB of painstakingly sorted out music, again, which is incredibly annoying.


I tried to find a way of stoping this, using the settings, but I didn't see anything regarding mobile devices and automatic synchronization. There should be a way, though. Istn't there?

Thanks a lot and have good day


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I am goingo throught exactly the same here! It's so bad! I have ereased my files several times. If you find a way to solve this, I'd appreciate if you shared it! Cause Spotify only syncs playlists if you already have the files in your local, so it's a little useless to me.

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