How to turn off iOS A2DP


How to turn off iOS A2DP


iOS is primative compared with Android. There, you can manage phone and A2DP channels separately. But iOS lumps them together. Which means music starts playing every time I get in the car. My car (Scion) manages two channels separately. However, if I turn off the A2DP channel on car, it also disconnects phone channel. (Android worked great using only phone channel.)


I know there is a jailbreak way to fix this shortcoming of iOS, but is there a way in Spotify to control it alone? I go to the little blue button and switch it off car audio and on to phone, but it does not remember the setting and next time I get in car the same thing happens.


So I either have no bluetooth for phone, or I have music starting on its own which stinks.


Thanks for any input!