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I can play only 30 seconds of each Song or sguffle

I can play only 30 seconds of each Song or sguffle

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Country italy




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I have troubles

I can t play entire songs but only 30 sec preview or by opening in shuffle play... 

Problem is that the play bar doesn t appear, it only appears a moving circle on the song icon and plays 30 sec

If i play shuffle on a playlist instead the bar appears but it s difficult to chose the songs i want

Thank you so much 

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Hey @Fabrizio83, welcome to the Community.


Hope you are doing great!


Playing songs on demand, no shuffle mode, is a Premium feature. You can read more about all the Premium features here.

Could you tell me more about the 30 seconds songs preview? Which songs play only 30 seconds? If possible please attach a screenshot 🙂





I can play 30 sec of every song!

It should play with commercials if free but not only preview 

Can you help? 


Hey @Fabrizio83,


As I mentioned in my previous post playing songs on deman is a Premium feature.

If you haven't had a Premium trial you may get it here in Spotify Subscription Page.

You will just get a 30 seconds preview of the song but if you tap on Shuffle Play the full song will play but in a random order 🙂


Let me know if you have any other questions 😉

Spotify is only giving me 30s previews of songs and says to play on spotify and when I click that option it opens the same website and still only allows me to listen to 30s of songs. why is this happening? is there anyway I can fix this?

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