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iPod touch 6 not supported by Spotify?

iPod touch 6 not supported by Spotify?


Plan Family plan


Country Norway



iPod 6 Touch (32gb)

Operating System iOS 8



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 According to your system Requirements, Spotify needs iOS 10 to run on an iPod: Does that really mean that my brand new Ipod6 Touch (32 gig, iOS 08) is going to be useless for playing my Spotify Music?

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Yes you need at least iOS 10 to be able to run Spotify. You can find more about the requirements of Spotify for the OS and the hardware it can run on in this FAQ.

Here is a page from Apple with information for you iPod Touch 6th Gen.

Just upgrade your iOS and you should be fine 🙂


Have a nice day!

Um, my iPod touch 6 has iOS 9.3.5 right now and have had it for several years.. have always had Spotify on it, but then I just wiped my iPod and now it says it isn't compatible when I try to install Spotify... UGH. 
Also, there is no software update available. 

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