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I cant play a certain song on my phone

I cant play a certain song on my phone




 United States


iPhone SE

Operating System

iOS 12


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 I’m having trouble playing a certain song on spotify. I can do anything on it (such as saving it to a playlist or viewing album etc), but i cant play the song. Everytime i try to click on it, it will take the play bar at the bottom of the screen away and it wont play. I then have to choose a different song to get the bar back. The song is in the video below. Thanks for your help!

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Hey @Nexus03.


Thanks for reaching out on the Community about this. We'll be glad to help 🙂


That's annoying! Could you send us the URI of the song itself? We'll look into it.  Here's how to get the URI in case you're unsure.


In the meantime, would you mind restarting your device and performing a clean reinstall by following the steps outlined here? This can solve many common problems that our users experience.


Let us know how it goes! Looking forward to hearing back from you.

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