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I don't want my daily mix affected by *everything* I play

I don't want my daily mix affected by *everything* I play

I just started using Spotify on my iphone.  I asked my kids which playlist to listen to, and they wanted to listen to Rock Anthems.  After listening to said anthems for the hour commute home (all songs I've heard a million times), my Daily Mixes are affected.  They now have a lot more generic rock songs.


Can I ever play a playlist and *not* have it affect my Daily Mixes?  I know how to delete songs, but it's not something I want to have to do as I listen to the music while I'm driving. 


Like, I might want to listen to Christmas music in December but wouldn't want my Daily mixes infected with Christmas music most of the year.




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Hey @lajoneser, thanks for posting here!

That's not cool! Help's here! You can listen in Private Mode to have the songs you listen not affect Daily Mix, Discover Weekly and other personalised playlists. Also, be sure to dislike the songs you don't like in Daily Mix, Discover Weekly and Radio to improve your suggestions. If you have any questions, just let me know!


Have a wonderful day! 🙂

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This is not a solution as private turns itself off. I can't believe you expect up to accept this. My kids pick up the tablet the following day and start listening to the Trolls soundtrack... how can I expect them to find this dark design. Not gonna happen.

Here i specially came to know as i had this on my previous account and good to i was not the only one.



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