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I'm a premium user. But I still get ads?

I'm a premium user. But I still get ads?

I am a confirmed premium user but I'm still getting ads.
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Hey there!


While Spotify doesn’t play ads that interrupt the music listening experience of Premium subscribers, some podcasts may include advertising, host-read endorsements, or sponsorship messages.


Can you confirm for us if you're getting ads in podcasts or in music?


If you hear ad breaks in your playlists, this would not be expected and we'll try our best to solve it. We'd recommend starting by  logging out > restarting your device > logging back in to sync up your subscription status with your device.


Keep us in the loop here!

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  • I've been getting ads while listening to Podcasts, but they aren't from the podcast people. It's a break in the show with a separate scrub bar, but I'm allowed to skip though it with the "forward/backwards 15 seconds" button. Really annoying that premium doesn't cover this, enough to cancel my subscription all together since I'll be getting ads anyway. 

I've also had this exact problem for years now. I'm considering ending my premium subscription since it's not giving me anything while I listen to podcasts. Just a waste of money. Premium is premium, across the board. There's no podcast premium option to even choose, and even if they made us choose I would stop using Spotify all together. Make premium all encompassing like EVERY other service does. 

Hello Elena, I paid for Premium Individual 2 days ago & still getting ads in Music. Please help

Is there a place in the agreement that we missed where it states ads will not be for music but will be shown for podcasts? Why do you have distinction between the two? Paid service is paid service? Spotify advertises ads free with subscription.....but does not mention...oh yeah, only for music but podcasts will be filled with ads. Unless I missed the huge sign somewhere?? 

My plan is premium but it still has advertising on the iPhone

So is there a way to block ads in podcasts as a premium user? If not, why not? I have been paying for the premium subscription for years for the ad-free service, but now there are a lot of ads while listening to podcasts even if I'm paying for an ad-free service. Why am I paying for the premium subscription if it's ruined by the exact reason I got a premium subscription in the first place? And it's not like they are part of the podcasts, because the podcasts can be in English and the ads in Finnish, so they are clearly directed to users in my country by Spotify.

Same here. At the start and end of any podcast episode, I have ads. I usually listen to history podcast before sleeping and I wake up with some McDonalds or other random stuff

Ditto, I've been getting Ads, specific ads for local businesses here in Cairns Australia and Australian based ads all the way through my podcasts, at the begining of my podcasts.  Why am I paying premium to have to listen to ads! Very unimpressed and will be cancelling my premium account.

Same. Streaming music and had three ads that were “unskippable” … confirmed I’m on premium. So strange. 

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