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I want to go to the bottom of the playlist quickly. How can I do?

I want to go to the bottom of the playlist quickly. How can I do?






(iPhone 7)

Operating System

(iOS 11.4 Developer beta 6)


My Question or Issue

Hi, I have so much more music (near 700) in my playlist, I know how to top of the playlist (just tap the clock at the top of the screen). I want to go to the bottom of the playlist quickly. How can I do?


- Please don't say sort it.

- I voted;


5 Replies

Hey @yildoersan Welcome to the Spotify Community!


Currently there is no option to reach to the bottom of the playlist without having to scroll all the way down with your finger. 


You posted the link to an idea which is great idea to spread the word. So now if you upvote the idea and more people do so, Spotify will look into the idea and hopefully they will implement it.


Happy Listening


2 years later this still doesn't exist. Wjat in the actual **bleep**. 

Looking for the same issue. Bumped into your thread. Thanks for creating it. Looking forward for solution.



Scrolling to the top is available thanks to Apple - it’s a built-in feature of iOS. It has nothing to do with Spotify’s app. If you want to be able to scroll to the bottom then send feedback to Apple.

There’s no way to do it on the PlayStation with the controller, but if you have the Spotify app on an iPhone for example (haven’t tried android) you can have your account open on both phone and console, and you can then select songs to play on your phone but have it still play out the TV or monitor the PlayStations connected to 

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