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IOS 10 - crash when listening to snippets

IOS 10 - crash when listening to snippets

Just installed ios 10.0.1 and can crash spotify if album is long pressed to listen to track snippets. Consistent everywhere.
Have rebooted iphone & reinstalled spotify

Otherwise spotify seems to run much snappier.
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I can also reproduce this on my devices running iOS 10.

I can confirm I'm reproducing the same issues on my iPhone. Running Spotify 5.7.0 and iOS 10.0.1.

Can confirm, iOS 10 om iPhone 6s

Also getting this on iOS 10 on my iPhone 6.

I'm having the same behavior on iPhone 6s running latest IOS and latest Spotify version

Applies for independent songs as well. But other features seem to be working fine. On iPad Air 2.

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